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Vintage Caravan Restorations

Most of the retro caravans we restore are purchased by owners who are keen on keeping the older caravans in top condition which are making them worth more if to re sell and are built in the 1960s and 1970s, making them ideal for restoration. Some of these vintage caravans in the UK have already been restored buy us and have updated ageing parts and interiors. This means you can hook it up to your vehicle and travel immediately. Others are perfect for beginning your own project. 

With expertise, enthusiasm, patience and an eye for detail, we carry out fully professional, in depth and thorough repairs and full refurbishments to classic vintage caravans.

The work we carry out is nothing less than the very highest quality to ensure that these increasingly rare and wonderful caravans are given the best chance for an extended second lease of life in whatever future role they undertake.

By helping to save these irreplaceable vintage gems from the past, we believe we are preserving little pieces of history, to be enjoyed by future generations in complete contrast to the modern world. These caravans invoke stories and memories and stir up refreshing reminders of a simpler bygone age.
We can make small careful and prudent modern adaptations and alterations such as low energy LED lighting, solar panels etc yet still ensure the fundamental design, atmosphere and character is retained.

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