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Axle and Chassis Repairs.

Do you think you have a problem with your caravan axle, lower on one side than the other?


If so this could possibly be due to pot hole damage. If this is the case the best thing to do is measure the height from the wheel arch to the ground. If you find it 2” lower on either side it will need attention. This is best done before any loads are added to the caravan and make sure the tyre pressures are equal. 

If you think your caravan axle has a fault contact us to arrange having it into our workshops or us calling out to give it a free inspection. Then if need be we can give you a price on getting it refurbished.

If you decide to have it done then we would need your caravan into our workshops, remove the axle and arrange to have it collected and sent away to be refurbished. Once your Axle has been refurbished it is sent back to us and we refit it to your caravan.

The most common cause of failure in these axles

would seem to be broken torsion bars.

There is a sequence of events and a number of variations on these axles.  

  1. The manufacturer fits a grease nipple the sole function of which is to give the owner a warm feeling while doing very little good.

  2. Due to the lack of grease in the right place, The trailing arm bushes wear away and, in turn, wear the trailing arm.

  3. The resulting shoogle (old Scots word) snaps the torsion bar.

This is pre-ordained by the designer.

What’s done to refurbish your Axle

 Strip, clean and shot blast axle casing. Fit new bushes and drill axle tube and bushes - importantly the bushes have been manufactured with a 360-degree internal grease track ensuring all around lubrication from the grease nipple. This puts the grease exactly where it needs to be.

Repair worn trailing arms if necessary and grind to size. Assemble with new seals and paint.

Your axle is refurbished to a high specification.

It comes with a two-year warranty and an expectation of a full lifetime's work ahead of it.
A straight forward, no hassle service.

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