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From the very first time you use the Emove EM203 it will be clear that this caravan mover has been developed and refined over the last ten years to give the best possible experience.

To start with, when engaging the rollers on the tyres, there is no need to struggle on hands and knees with the archaic lever engagement system. Instead, the EM203 uses the effortless Emove Easy-Wind system so both rollers can be engaged at the same time by simply winding in and out. With Easy-Wind, simple adjustments can be made for tyre wear or tyre slippage (something that is impossible for most manual engage movers). The Rollers themselves have been made from solid aluminium to give you world class durability.

The Body work of the mover has been E-coated for extra protection. Wherever possible composite materials are used to save weight and reduce exposed metal work. The soft plastic handset of the 203 is designed to feel good in the hand. It gives you complete and effortless control of the caravan: to move in all directions; ascend slopes or descend with control.

On top of this great design, the Emove has a unique display which indicates when the leisure battery needs recharging or if the caravan is overloaded. Like all Emove caravan movers, it is substantially lighter than its competitors. The EM203 is the most technically-advanced mover available at this price point. The EM203 is fully backed up with its legendary 5-year warranty which includes home call outs if fitted professionally.

As an optional extra you can control your mover with your smart phone. New App and hardware is now available which allows you to upgrade your smart phone to control your Emove mover. No more lost handsets

Emove - the future of caravan movers is here.


  • Emove display dash handset giving caravan overload and low battery indicators
  • Easy wind dual roller engagement
  • Alloy rollers
  • Suitable for single or twin axle caravan 2 or 4 motor
  • E coating paint work and half cover
  • Includes soft start/stop technology for accurate and shockproof maundering
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Emove EM203 Caravan Mover

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