Trailer Sales, Servicing and Repairs

We are aware how time is important and that it can be inconvenient to take time out of your busy schedule to take your trailer for a service or any repairs you need undertaking. However a well maintained trailer is a safe trailer and minimises unexpected problems.

We can service and maintain most trailer such as horseboxes, camping trailers, commercial trailers, box trailers, boat trailers, car trailers, catering trailers and exhibition trailers.

So let us come out to your trailer so you can get on with your day but also have the peace of mind of knowing your trailer has been serviced by our trained fitter and is ready for you to use it when required.

This is some of the work we can undertake to your trailer

  • Chassis service
  • Chassis repairs
  • Floor and ramp replacment 
  • Road light replacments
  • Fitting corner props or jacks
  • Building special bespoke trailers to order
  • Habatation service and repairs to
  • Horseboxes with living accomodation.

Trailer Service Check List

  • Check coupling head
  • Check breakaway cable
  • Lubricate overrun piston
  • Check handbrake operation
  • Check and lubricate jockey wheel
  • Brake rods, cables and supports
  • Check tyres and tyre pressures including the spare wheel
  • Remove brake hubs, check bearings and brake shoes, clean, 
  • Reassemble and adjust.
  • Torque wheel nuts / bolts
  • Check operation and lubricate  steadies if fitted
  • Check condition and security of chassis and attachment to body
  • Check suspension assemblies
  • Check operation of all ramps (& groom's door if relevant)
  • Check condition of trailer floor
  • Check security of all catches & handles
  • Check road lights
  • Check all 12v plugs & cables
  • Check exterior body panels

A horsebox Habitation service would include the elements listed on the motorhome habitation Scedule.

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